Jump Rope and Hoops for Heart

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Jump Rope For Heart (JRFH) and Hoops for Heart are national fundraising programs sponsored jointly by SHAPE and the American Heart Association. JRFH and HFH is a valuable program that promotes physical activity, heart healthy living, and community service to children. JRFH is targeted at students in elementary schools and HFH is targeted for middle and high schools, but anyone can hold either program at their school, child care center, community center, or anywhere! 

IAHPERD is proud to be associated with the American Heart Association and promoting the Jump Rope for Heart and Hoops for Heart programs in Illinois.  Thorugh grants and awards, the IAHPERD has extended the importance of the program.  PLease take a look at the links on this page to view and/or participate in some of the programs.

Read the latest issue of "The Pulse Online". A seasonal newsletter put out by the American Heart Association and SHAPE.