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Make Phone Calls Now -  
June 19, 2017
Please PHONE your Illinois State Representative and Senator Immediately. Even if you have called or emailed before please call again. The Illinois legislature is in session until midnight, June 30. Bills and amendments change without much notice. Your legislators need to know you are paying attention.

Your phone calls and emails have been effective. We managed to prevent SB1125 or HB 1259 from being called in May. However, things have really heated up. There are FOUR IDENTICAL bills that will diminish the physical education requirements.

Identical Bills that are still in play in both Houses:

  • Reduces the frequency of PE to a minimum of three days per week.
  • Students in grades 9 through 12 may exempt out of PE for interscholastic or extracurricular athletic programs.
  • Allows driver education to be taught in schools by commercial driving companies.
House Bill 4069 Remove Daily PE Requirement Effective Immediately

What do we need to do?
Please continue to contact your state legislators regarding physical education.
  • We are staying on message.
  • The reasons for quality physical education don't change simply because a crisis has been created in the legislature.
Please continue to check your email for IAHPERD updates regarding the status of legislation.

When you call, email or visit your Illinois Senator and Representative you may use the following talking points:

  • Permanently diminishing physical education requirements will deprive students of instructional time that is critical for developing the motor, movement, and behavioral skills that are essential for the lifelong maintenance of a physically active lifestyle.
  • 91% of parents feel that there should be more physical education in schools, particularly for addressing obesity (SHAPE America/American Heart Association, 2016 Shape of the Nation.)
  • Physical education is identified as an Essential Subject for a well-rounded education, therefore, Title I, Title II and Title IV funds are available for physical education programs (Every Student Succeeds Act 2015).
  • It is a false assumption that reducing or eliminating the physical education requirements will save school districts money. If the students are not in PE where will they be? Academic classes (English, math, science, and social studies) usually have smaller student to teacher ratios and are in regular classrooms.
If you have forgotten how to locate your State Senator or Representative the information below should help you. Locate your State Representative and Senator (the one with a Springfield office) phone numbers and email addresses Legislator Look Up. Follow the link by typing in your home address. This will direct you to your state legislators (not the folks with a Washington D.C. address)