Legislative Update

Welcome to the IAHPERD Legislative Update Center

FOUR Bills need witness slips.  There are close to a dozen bills that have been filed in either the Senate or the House.  As bills come up to be heard in committee in either house IAHPERD will send out an email blast to our membership. 
We need to respond by filing witness slips and contacting our legislators.  It seems like they are testing our resolve.  As members of IAHPERD we need to respond to each one of these bills. 
Often we need to respond more than once.  Even if you already filed a witness slip for HB 440 you need to do it again.  Representative Ives decided not call her bill last week.  So the 1500 witness slips that were filed were erased.  We start again at ZERO. 
Listed below are all of the bills that we need to take action on.  Please click on each of the links to file a witness slip for each of the four bills.
HB 440 (Chief Sponsor Representative Ives)
Permanently diminishes physical education requirements.
HB 663 (Chief Sponsor Representative Thomas Morrison)
HB 793 (Chief Sponsor Representative Demmer)
Allows a school district not to comply with any unfunded mandates or requirements by holding a hearing.
SB 756 (Chief Sponsor Senator Julie Morrison)
Expands the PE exemptions from grades 11-12 to students in grades 9 and 10.
Continue taking action by following the steps listed below:
Step One:  File a witness slip for EVERY BILL
  • Even if you have already filed a witness slip it is time to file another.  We will need to do this multiple times.  Unfortunately each time the committee recesses the witness slips reset to zero.
  • When filling out the witness slip please identify yourself as a citizen or voter instead of teacher or IAHPERD member.
Step Two:  contact your State legislators either by phone or email
If you don't know who your State legislators are the following link will help you find that information: Find Your State Legislator

Be sure to contact your State (the one with a Springfield office) not US legislator (the one with an office in Washington, DC).

If you are not sure how to fill out a witness slip, please see iahperd.org

Other Bills That We Are Following

HB 378

  (Chief Sponsor Steven Reick) no position 2-12-2017

HB 378  Mandates

HB 664  (Chief Sponsor Thomas Morrison) no position 2-12-2017

            HB 664  Pupil Physical Privacy

HB 670  (Chief Sponsor Thomas Morrison)  OPPONENT 2-12-2017

HB 670  School districts may offer drivers education through contracted commercial services

HB 788  (Chief Sponsor Demmer)  OPPONENT 2-12-2017

HB 788  Unfunded Mandates

HB 791  (Chief Sponsor Sandoval) no position 2-12-2017

            HB 791  Mandates and Vocational Education

SB 13  (Chief Sponsor Radogno)  OPPONENT 2-12-2017

SB 13  Property Tax Relief, Unfunded Mandates, Diminish PE Requirements, Eliminate Drivers Education

SB 650  (Chief Sponsor Michael Connelly) no position 2-12-2017

SB 650  Mandate Waiver Notice