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Take a look at the latest Government Action News to find out what's happening in Springfield concerning Physical Education.
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How to check a bill's progress on the internet

Following the progress of a bill is easy. You can go to www.iahperd.org and then to “links”, and click on Illinois General Assembly. You can also go to www.ilga.gov to get directly to the Illinois General Assembly home page. Once you are on the Home page for the General Assembly, go to the box on the left-hand side of the page and type in the HB number or the SB number. Click on Search. From here, you get a synopsis of the bill, and the last action taken on it. You can also go to the full text copy of the bill, if you wish, by clicking on that phrase near the top of the page.

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This is easy to do. Follow the same procedures as above to get to the Illinois General Assembly home page. Then go to the heading “Additional Resources” and click on “Legislator Lookup”. Plug in your school zip code to find out who represents your school district or put in your home zip code to find out who you would vote for. The web site provides both local district office information as well as Springfield office information.

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