(Not more than three may be given in a year)
Deadline: March 1 of current year
A nominee must meet each of the following criteria:

  1. Has been an active member of IAHPERD for a minimum of ten years, and has made significant contributions to the organization. (It is interpreted that the last five years shall have been with continuous membership.)
  2. Has been active in the profession for fifteen years. A minimum of ten years service should have been in the State of Illinois.
  3. Has secured at least a master's degree in his/her field or demonstrate evidence of professional growth.
  4. Has been actively involved beyond just membership in other professional organizations such as School Health Association, NEA, IEA, IAPPHER, NAPEHE, etc.
  5. Has served IAHPERD in a variety of leadership capacities.
  6. Has contributed significantly to conferences or conventions, programs at the State level.
  7. Has contributed to the literature through articles in professional literature.
Nomination Form
Nomination Form Word file
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