All IAHPERD members in good standing may apply for this grant. This is defined as having your membership current (paid) through the application and award period (the day your receive your check).  

If awarded, you must claim your funds prior to the next application date. If a September 15th application receives funding, you have until February 15th to claim the funds. If a February 15th application receives funding, you have until September 15th to claim the funds. Any unclaimed funds will roll back into the Committee's budget.

Decisions on September application occur during the November Executive Board Meeting. Decisions on February applications occur during the April Executive Board meetings. Awardees are notified via e-mail the week following the board meeting.

The application should include the following information:

Title page consisting of name, address, school name, school district, phone, e-mail address, IAHPERD membership number, and any other sources of funding (e.g. school district or PTA will match funds).

  • Describe the project for which grants are being sought.
  • Indicate which Program Enhancement Grant priorities are being met by proposal. The priorities are:
  1. To enhance, initiate or continue an educational HPERD program.
  2. Advocating the elements IAHPERD promotes and stands for.
  3. A public relations activity to promote the association.
  4. A media event to promote the HPERD profession or its objectives.
  5. Short-term loans to districts, committees, or members.
  • Provide rationale and justification for why IAHPERD should fund the proposal.
  • Provide an itemized and prioritized budge. A justification statement for each item listed in the budget must be included. Include sources for the prices listed.

Criteria to be considered when proposal is evaluated:

  • Must be word-processed or typed. Proposal is limited to a maximum of 4 double spaced pages (not including title page).
  • Proposal must be submitted prior to the application deadline. Deadlines are Feb. 15 and Sept. 15 of each year. Funding is determined at April and November Executive Board meetings, respectively.
  • Only IAHPERD members in good standing may receive funding from this grant.
  • First time applicants will be given priority. Those who have previously received funding will only be considered if funds remain after first time applicant funding needs are met.
  • The Program Enhancement Grant Review Committee reviews all grant applications and makes recommendations to the IAHPERD Executive Board. The Executive Board has final say on whether the grants are funded or disallowed.
  • Recipients must return unused funds within one year of the receipt of the award.
  • All funds must be used only for approved expenditures. Any questions should be referred to the Chairperson of the Program Enhancement Review Committee.
  • Receipts and a summary of the outcomes of the project must be submitted to the Program Enhancement Committee Chairperson within 1.5 years after receiving the award.
  • All recipients must either present a summary of their project outcomes at the IAHPERD Convention or in an article in the IAHPERD Journal within 3 years after receipt of the award. Failure to do so will automatically exclude the applicant from future IAHPERD funding.