Gently Used Equipment Program When you clean out your equipment rooms, garage, or any areas you may have GENTLY USED or even NEW equipment that you would like to PASS FORWARD to another school. Click here for more information.

All Children Exercise Simultaneously ACES is the idea of New Jersey physical educator, Lenny Saunders. Over 7 million school children from all fifty states and as many as 45 Foreign countries will be exercising simultaneously for a minimum of fifteen minutes. The purpose of ACES is to call attention to the importance of youth fitness in a fun, non-competitive atmosphere. The motivation for the students is knowing that children from EVERY state will be participating all over the country with them. The program emphasis is on the first Wednesday of May annually.


  • Ideas include teaching a few simple dances in PE – offering an invitation to the classroom teacher to join in the practice or teach the dances at a faculty meeting.
  • Choose songs that  “TELL” you what to do – allow the song to remind and teach.
  • Play the songs over the intercom with a simple welcome to all – followed by a request to prepare their class – all kids are in the hallway – dance and enjoy – return to the classrooms.

Blue Ribbon Recognition Program A voluntary program to recognize excellent physical education and health programs.

NED Grants

IAHPERD Awards IAHPERD grants many awards every year to deserving recipients for many categories. ( learn more)

Teacher of the Year (TOY)  Every year, teachers are nominated for Teacher of the Year. The nomination can come from yourself, a coworker, parent, administrator or others who specifically are proud of what you do. Nominations and completed forms start within the  specific state-winners are chosen, followed by an opportunity to be a State, Midwest and National Teacher of the Year award winner. Contact district President or Awards Chair for further information. Deadline for district award winner to complete necessary information is March 1st – State winners will be announced after April 1st.

Shape Up Illinois  Shape Up Illinois is an annual Physical Education Promotion Day and Lobby day held at the State Capitol in Springfield, Illinois. There is no better way to show the importance of quality physical education to our policy makers in Springfield. An area in the rotunda is set up to house specific programs and health connections that are free and open to all who visit – health checks, nutrition information, DDR, exercise opportunities, brain research, incentives and more sharing the importance of Physical Development and Health along with the connection to movement and learning. JOIN US FOR THE DAY – travel to Springfield, one overnight visit and a day of important contacts for the children and US.