A voluntary program to recognize excellent physical education and health programs.

All Illinois public, parochial and alternative schools.
Physical Education : Grades K-12
Health :Grades 5-8, 9-12


  1. Do self evaluation using grade level Criteria. Download criteria here (IAHPERD Evaluative Criteria reflecting state and national professional standards and those of the Illinois State Board of Education.)

    Why use the Criteria:

    • The Criteria are to help teachers and/or administrators develop quality physical education and health programs.
    • They have been designed for self study and self evaluation. Each grade level booklet provides a check list and includes a rating form.
    • The Criteria Serves as a basis for recognizing excellent programs in all Illinois schools at all grade levels.

    Physical Education Requirements

    • Your program must have daily physical education.
    • All students enroll in physical education classes for the school year
      (exlcudes medical excuses, health education and driver education).
    • Student fitness scores are NOT used as part of the student growth component required by PERA or used in teacher evaluations.
  2. Complete the online application (apply here)
  1. Submit a check for $150.00 (to cover expenses of the program) made out to IAHPERD and letter of support by school's executive officer.

Recognition:  If awarded, the Blue Ribbon school will receive:

  • Blue Ribbon status valid for 5 years
  • Blue Ribbon Plaque
  • Certificate presented at school function
  • Banner presented at IAHPERD awards banquet
  • Program showcased in Illinois Journal
  • Invitation to present at IAHPERD convention


Questions or comments? 

Blue Ribbon Application

Start your application for Blue Ribbon status. It will stay open until you hit the final submit in the application.