"We Are Vital"

A Virtual Experience
December - February, 2020

 2020 convention

The 2020 Convention is coming beginning December 1st and running till the end of February. Ya, it’s 3 months long. If you are a Premium (paid) member, then you can be a part of it. That’s right, it’s FREE for our members. So, you have a lot of questions and here are some of the answers.

Where is it?

It’s virtual and will be located in the “Membership Portal” for you to access beginning December 1st as long as your Premium Membership is vaild through March 1st.

When is it happening?

We will be rolling out sessions every month beginning in December and have more sessions in January and even more in February.

Is there something for everyone?

Yes, we have had some really great presenters putting together content for every area and plan on having something and hopefully a lot of something for everyone over the course of the three month convention.

Will there be Professional Development Hours?

Yes, watching the sessions will grant you Professional Development Hours(PDH) that you can use toward your re-certification. You can accumulate them over the 3 months and they will be added up and available as a printable certificate by March 1st.

How can I access convention?

Just make sure your Premium Membership is paid up until March 1st and you can access the convention through the “Membership Portal” on the IAHPERD.org website.

Is everything pre-recorded?

Nope. There are LIVE sessions that will be presented at specific times every month as well as LIVE roundtable discussions, socials, meetings...It’s just like convention, but in your house or wherever you choose to tune in.

Am I forced to watch the sessions at a specific time and date?

Only the LIVE sessions will require you to attend at a time that will be outside school hours. Most of our sessions are pre-recorded and will be available for you to view for the whole month so you can watch when you have time. The system will know it’s you when you start the video and record your PDH for each session you watch. You will be required to fill out the Illinois State Board of Education Survey for each video and it will be provided for you in the Membership Portal after you watch the video session.

What about the Exhibitors?

They are going to be there too. We have a dedicated Exhibitors Area that will have exhibitor booths for you to view their wares, specials and anything else they will be providing you including an easy way to contact them with a push of a button.

Are you excited? We are! We are super excited and really happy to be able to bring the virtual convention you deserve. Make sure to renew your Premium Membership if it has or is about to expire so that you can be a part of convention as well as keep getting On the Move and all other great resources we provide to our Premium Members. More will be announced as we come closer to the start including a program book.

Exhibitors, we also have a spot for you so contact Kim Wheeler at iahperd@gmail.com to get more information.