Members of the Association may use the Association name in the following manner:

  • on a personal resume
  • when speaking or presenting a program on topics related to total well-being
  • in conjunction with an Association member’s title on educational programs for conference and workshops when the subject will relate to his/her particular area of expertise as a member of the Association
  • in conjunction with any work directly associated with the activities of the Illinois Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance

The Association’s name may not be used in the following ways without a specific request being submitted, reviewed and approved by the Executive Board at a regularly scheduled meeting.

  • in conjunction with any individual member’s ability to realize a personal profit through the sale of equipment or services related to total well-being;
  • as it would relate to creating the impression in the minds of the public that this Association has endorsed a product or a service to be sold for an individual’s or organization’s profit or personal gain;
  • as it would appear to create in the minds of the public the impression that this Association may in some way realize a portion or percentage of the funds received from the product or service;
  • as it may create an attitude in the public sector that an individual Association member is licensed by or considered to be an expert by this Association in the provision of a service or product. Some testing service would have to be established to show that the individual has the proper training and educational background to be considered an expert in his/her chosen field if the Association was to consider utilizing its name in this manner.
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