Summer Advocacy Project

One discussion point that was very clear throughout this process is that legislators and school administrators are not aware of what goes on in physical education classes.  Many of our policy makers have the perception of PE classes based on their own experiences.  In many cases that perception is based on outdated practices. We need to change their paradigm. 

This is where IAHPERD needs your help.  We need you to visit your local legislator. Your Illinois legislators will be on a summer break, in their home districts just like you.  This is the perfect time to schedule an appointment to meet at their local office. Legislators need to hear about quality physical education programs.  While you have your legislators attention, invite them to visit you and your students during a physical education class in the fall.

Your IAHPERD leadership team cannot do this alone. PE teachers across the state need to engage in a dialogue with the legislators. Our legislators should be reminded that:

Physical education is the only subject area that touches upon all three domains of learning; psychomotor (movement), cognitive (thinking), and affective (social emotional learning).

We teach the Social Emotional Learning standards in every one of our lessons.

PE provides students with opportunities to authentically learn and/or use the following competencies and skills in a safe and inclusive setting:

·         Physical Health

·         Motor skills

·         Mental Health

·         Movement skills

·         Behavioral Health

·         Behavioral skills

·         Social Emotional Learning

Needless to say, changing the perception of education policy makers is a huge challenge. However, I am confident that the physical educators in Illinois are up to the challenge.  Share your success stories on social media (@IAHPERD on Twitter).  Promote your quality physical education program. Be your own best advocate.


Below is a list of Governmental Affairs resources you can access for your own use.  There is both a thumbnail view and list view of the included files.  We will update the content often.

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