Application Process

  • Purpose:
    A voluntary program to recognize excellent health education programs.

    All Illinois public, parochial and alternative schools.
    Health :Grades 5-8, 9-12


      • Do self evaluation using grade level Criteria. (IAHPERD Evaluative Criteria reflecting state and national professional standards and those of the Illinois State Board of Education.)
        Download High School Criteria Here
        Download Middle School Criteria Here

        Why use the Criteria:

        • The Criteria are to help teachers and/or administrators develop quality physical education and health programs.
        • They have been designed for self study and self evaluation. Each grade level booklet provides a check list and includes a rating form.
        • The Criteria Serves as a basis for recognizing excellent programs in all Illinois schools at all grade levels.

    2. Complete the online application by logging into the membership portal and selecting "Blue Ribbon"

      • (for a downloadable copy of the  application, contact Marcia Berke at
      • Application Deadline is February 1

    3. Submit a check for $150.00 (to cover expenses of the program) made out to IAHPERD and letter of support by school's executive officer.

    Recognition:  If awarded, the Blue Ribbon school will receive:

    • Blue Ribbon status valid for 5 years
    • Blue Ribbon Plaque
    • Certificate presented at school function
    • Banner presented at IAHPERD awards banquet
    • Program showcased in Illinois Journal
    • Invitation to present at IAHPERD convention

    Questions or comments? 
    Contact the Blue Ribbon Chair
    Email Health Blue Ribbon Chair

Renewal Process

Follow these instructions if this is your second or third consecutive blue ribbon

  1. Payment is a check for $150.00 made out to IAHPERD and sent to: Marilyn Bloechle, 1030 Shedron Way, Lombard, IL  60148.

  2. In the Membership Portal apply for a blue-ribbon renewal by completing/updating the last online application and all tabs under the document section.  (If there are significant changes in the past five years, the blue-ribbon committee may request more information and a possible site visit. )

    Tabs under the document section that need to be completed include:
    Curriculum analysis tab: Your original report should be saved on this application.  Using this original analysis clearly highlight any improvements or changes over the past five years.  The explanations for these changes are discussed in another form.
    Letter of support
    Professional development (activities for the department members,)
    Roster of teachers (only include those that teach health)
    School Report card  
    Skills based design: Highlight any changes to this design.
    Student work (5 various examples from 5 separate skills)

  3. There are two google forms for you to complete as part of the renewal. The first form is titled “Narrative for blue ribbon renewal”. Follow the instructions.

    The second form is titled  “Renewal Skills based lessons.” Follow the instructions.

    You can find these forms under the “Renewal Narrative” tab in the blue ribbon section of the membership portal.

Apply Online

Applications and Renewals are completed through the membership portal so that it ties directly to the applicants account.  Click below to go to the portal.
Membership Portal
P.O. Box 865
Alton, IL 62002
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