Deadline for submission is September 15th.

  1. Mentors must be current members of IAHPERD – during time of submission and convention. Students are expected to be members during the time of the convention.
  2. Both mentors and students need to register for convention.
  3. A student may only receive a student mentor award 2 times. (once as an undergraduate and once as a graduate)
  4. Each presentation will receive a monetary award of $200. This will be distributed to the student or students who are involved in the presentation.
  5. Students must be present at the student mentor award ceremony to receive the money.

    Poster Guidelines
  1. Title: At the top of your poster
  2. Name and affiliation - Include your name, the name of the mentor, and the name of the place where the project was conducted.
  3. Body of the Poster – The body of the poster needs to fit on a 3' x 4" tri fold display board or be able to stand upright on an easel.
  4. Abstract – A brief synopsis of the entire project described in the poster.
  5. Introduction – The purpose of the project and the importance of the study.
  6. Method – The procedures or steps that you used in arriving at your results.
  7. Conclusions – Report what you found or accomplished.
  8. Literature Cited - Cite all of your references in the text and list them in the literature cited section using a format from a journal within your discipline.

Other Information

  • Laptop computer use – If you need to use a computer to enhance your poster presentation you may. You will need to provide your own computer. It needs to be full charged – in case of lack of electrical outlets.
  • Students - be prepared to answer questions about your poster - be prepared to have your picture taken.

    Please email your research study abstract as a Word document to the Student Mentor Chair Scott Ronspies
P.O. Box 865
Alton, IL 62002
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