Teacher of the Year (TOY)
Application Deadline: March 1st

Do you know an outstanding individual in the professional fields of Physical, Health, Dance, Adapted or Adventure Education? Recognize these people by nominating them for Teacher of the Year (TOY).

These awards are given in recognition of outstanding instructional performance for elementary, middle, and secondary school physical education as well as in adapted, dance, health, and adventure education. Elected individuals have shown their great ability to motivate today's youth to participate in a lifetime of physical activity.

  • Nominations of worthy candidates should be made via an email message directly to the current IAHPERD Awards Chair (see below).  Nominator should identify himself/herself and should include the name of the award and complete contact information for the teacher being nominated.  The Awards Chair will contact the nominee with the proper application directions.  A CANDIDATE FOR A TEACHER OF THE YEAR AWARD DOES NOT NEED TO BE NOMINATED AND MAY APPLY DIRECTLY FOR THE AWARD BY COMPLETING THE PROPER FORMS AND EMAILING THEM TO THE AWARDS CHAIR.

  • Download the "Word" file for easy editing directly on the form. (Microsoft Word required)

= denotes Microsoft Word file.  All files are in Word for ease of use in completing.


Nomination Form

 P.E. Teacher of the Year Application Word file

 Adapted P.E. Teacher of the Year Application Word file

 Dance Teacher of the Year Application Word file

 Health Teacher of the Year Application Word file


Email all nominations to your Distrcit Representative:

Chicago District
Michael Millikan

Eastern District
Amy Agapito

Northeastern District
Derrick Biehl

Northern District
Kelly Zerby

Southwestern District
Misty Underwood

Western District
Alex Tuley



Teachers of the Year 2020

Mike Torres
Young Professional P.E.

Stacy McCluskey     
High School P.E.

Michael Millikan
Middle School P.E.

John David  
Elementary P.E.

Elisa Foshay  

Ken Mansell